Meet Our Team

Meet the Team

The Vets

Peter Heather BVSc MRCVS

Peter is the owner of the practice. He was born and raised on a farm in New Zealand where his love of animals began and graduated from Massey University Veterinary School in New Zealand in 1991. He worked for a number of years in New Zealand before travelling to the UK to work. Since 1996, Peter has been based in Fareham and has owned the practice since 2001.

Peter has an interest in all aspects of small animal practice; medicine, soft tissue and orthopaedic surgery. Peter has a two dogs, a cats and a few ex-battery chickens.

Becky Gustar BVM&S MRCVS

Becky is originally from Yorkshire but moved to the Fareham area as a toddler where she attended school locally, save for a few spells abroad as a youngster. She graduated from the University of Edinburgh (affectionately known as The Royal Dick Vet School) in 2004 and began work in the Midlands.

Becky then returned home to Fareham in 2005 to join Fareham Creek and has been with the practice since. Becky has a keen interest in all aspects of veterinary practice from small exotics to soft tissue surgery. Becky has currently only has a rather grumpy tortoise!


The Practice Nurses - Andy, Emma, Ben and Barry

The practice has three full time veterinary nurses; Andy and Emma who are our Registered Veterinary Nurses and Ben who is training to become a veterinary nurse. We also have Barry who is an animal nursing assistant. Their duties throughout the day involve nursing our patients through illness and post-operative recovery, monitoring anaesthesia during surgery and assisting the vets with radiography and other diagnostic procedures. They are also responsible for various other nursing duties such as preparing surgical instruments and kits for sterilisation, cleaning as well as carrying out nurse health checks and nurse clinics.


The practice has four receptionists, Janie, Esther, Sue and Carla who do various shifts throughout the week including Saturday mornings. They are our clients' first point of contact to the practice and are crucial to the smooth running of the day by making appointments, booking operations and co-ordinating the message book for the vets' messages. They are able to offer advice about worm and flea prevention, dietary and weight control advice and are available to answer any queries you might have about your pet’s health.


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